Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Activation Key Generator


Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Activation Key Generator

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How do you display the Unicode Bidi Mode Marker for the Hebrew alphabet in LaTeX?

I am trying to display Hebrew text using the hebrew package in LaTeX. To do this, I have to specify a language code in the document class. To demonstrate, I loaded a document using the french language:

and everything worked fine (minus the use of hebrew package).
However, I want to do the same for Hebrew. I’ve tried the hebrew package, but it didn’t work as I expected. It seems to recognize the Hebrew script, but not the bidi style.
Any ideas how I can get Hebrew fonts using hebrew and specifying the language to be Hebrew?


This is partly answered in the comments to It seems the hebrew script is not supported:

I don’t know which part of hebrew you want to use. Unicode gives
Hebrew many different scripts (U+0590-U+05FF – Hebrew alphabet), and
you can’t specify a particular one. However, with bidi it should be
possible to use the hebrew package to label text with its bidi-level
direction. (i.e., text is RTL, but code is LTR).

However, then there is a related question that doesn’t have a worked answer.
You can read bidi documentation on tex.stackexchange:


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