Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Acapella)


Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Acapella)

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This is a free mixtape. Todays buzzy mix that is perfect for your hot summertime playlist. These artists are more than just an artist, they are my favorite artists!….
Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Acapella)

Welcome to our website. My first match was Charlie Cruz. Seems like a odd choice? Both were from Puerto Rico. As you can see, Dennis lived there for a spell and Charlie visited. Both of these guys were amazing musicians, producers and songwriters. This is a very interesting mix.
Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Acapella)

Today I give you a Beach House mix. This was the first mix that I threw together. Beach House is a group of musicians from Baltimore, Maryland.
Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Acapella)

Hey, this week, we are featuring Modern Jazz from guitar legend, Thomas Shutt. He was a pretty big name in jazz before his untimely death in 2001. He was an amazing composer, arranger, guitarist, vocalist and he helped pioneer some great music along the way. Enjoy this week and as always, enjoy the mix. D.
Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Acapella)

Todays match is a mashup from one of my favorite bands! I got it from an online Dj forum.
This mix is over 14 mins long, which is the length of a single DJ set. I find DJ sets quite boring (I know, I am weird but that is how I like it). Lately I have been playing old dubs, soul, rock and folk, so this mix has a little bit of everything. Enjoy!
Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Acapella)

Hey, my fellow downloaders. This week, we are going to try something a little different. Instead of writing a literal description about the match, I decided to link to the music. Here is my pick for the week.
Check it out and if you like it, click the favorite button and let me know. D.
Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Acapella)

This week, I am playing some chill instrumental music. My match this week is a instrumental band called Dymaxion.



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