MeldaProduction MDrummer Large V5.00 WIN OSX-R2R Serial Key Keygen


MeldaProduction MDrummer Large V5.00 WIN OSX-R2R Serial Key Keygen

What is MeldaProduction MDrummer Large?
This product is a fully integrated complete virtual drum machine and virtual drummer. It’s an easy to use, affordable and complete drum kit. MeldaProduction MDrummer Large include a full variety of drum kits, high quality samples, realistic sound, easy MIDI recording and live performance. With MeldaProduction MDrummer Large, arranging drum tracks and realtime performances can be done quickly and simply.
What are some of the key features of MeldaProduction MDrummer Large?
✓ Stunning realistic sound
✓ Everything is together in MeldaProduction MDrummer Large
✓ Automatic tuning at every step
✓ Nine professionally recorded full kits
✓ Dozens of drum sounds of the highest quality
✓ Automatic metronome
✓ Supports multitrack recording
✓ Live performance using external software like Cubase and Pro Tools, also with MIDI instruments, and MIDI keyboard
✓ MIDI recording
Platform: Windows 32bit / 64bit
Size: 34 Mb (slightly larger than 700Kb)
License: Win32/Win64 Full License
Publisher: MeldaProduction
Category: Drum Composition & Synthesis
Location: 2019. 3rd. MDrummer

How to install MeldaProduction MDrummer Large?
1. Download the installation files
2. Extract MeldaProduction MDrummer Large V5.00.WIN.OSX-R2R.
3. After successful installation, run it.
How to use MeldaProduction MDrummer Large?
1. From the ‚MELLA PRODUCTION Software‘ menu bar, choose the ‚Configure MIDI instrument‘ option.
2. Select the MIDI instrument to be used from the list of all MIDI instruments that are available for MeldaProduction MDrummer Large.
3. Choose the MIDI equipment you would like to use, then click OK.

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