METAGAL Activation Code

METAGAL Activation Code

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METAGAL Activation Code


In this video we will discover about how to activate the Metagal game you play online

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Are you wondering why your story has been taken away from you? When you are in an awful situation, you will not be able to do anything to change it. You will be forced to just sit there and watch everything unfold. Once it’s all finished, you will get a special mission from your past, which will set you on a journey to find answers. Find them all and tell the story of your life, before the rest of the story is scripted. Metagal: The Game Full version game download instructions – Windows…

Metagal is a free game that you can play online, this game was brought to you by NINTENDO
Metagal is 2d side-scroller game, you are a kid that wants to be a metagal, use all sort of items to do this.

Metagal Instructions:

It has got a nice gameplay, the controls are easy to handle and you can use many items.

Metagal game controls:

You are flying now and press D-pad or A button to move yourself down.

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Chip Code, Element, and Damage values. Per usual. •The Magnum series will now crack occupied panels instead of leaving them untouched.. Metagal 2 & 3.
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