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Define expiration time for SSIS cache

I’m working with SSIS cache, and I have a problem with defining the expiration time for the cache.
Currently, SSIS caches everything, even metadata which is already outdated!
So I have created a script task that does the job, but I can’t find the documentation where to define the expiration time.
Anyone can help?
Thanks in advance


This is not a feature of the SSIS Cache, but rather a feature of the DtsCacheService as discussed in this forum link:

One of the options you have is to use CACHEPROXY, but I don’t know how that would work (I haven’t tested it).
You may also find some info on setting the cache duration here:


How to get the weights of each block of matrix in a LSTM (solda project) in Tensorflow?

In Tensorflow, In order to do LSTM(for example, solda project), weights should be created, to get rid of the problem of vanishing gradients.
As I want to do LSTM for every one of a matrix of two or three rows, is it possible to automatically get the weights of each block of a matrix, for example:




In general, can I do it automatically?


I don’t think that this problem is best solved with

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