QuickDesigner 3.7

QuickDesigner 3.7

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Quick Designer V.3.70 Software Download

quick designer v.3.70 software download. The QuickDesigner™ Utility is a utility that can be used to uninstall Quick Designer 3.70b.

Unable to log in as administrator due to MSCOMCTL32.ocx is in use v3.70 hmi configuration. Not sure where i can find MSCOMCTL32.ocx file. MSCOMCTL32.ocx is not part of quick design 3.70m and indeed, it is not available in the search results I can get. I would appreciate any help.


I have successfully installed, loaded and upgraded the.exe version of V. 3.70b on a Windows 10 machine to version 3.80. The tgt file of V. 3.70b is in the same location as the current version of the application, in the [Software Installation Folder] on my machine.
TGT File.

The tgt file is an optional feature which can be disabled by right clicking the tgt file and unchecking the box.
QuickDesigner 3.80 requires a decrypted.oas file. The default location of the.oas file is in the [Software Installation Folder] on the machine, where the tgt file is located.
Decrypted.oas file.

In the dialogue, on the left pane, all of the components of the application version 3.70b are listed. Click on „Upgrade“ on the top menu.
Interface pop-up after clicking the upgrade button.
The interface shows the following message:

This version is higher than the version of your QuickDesigner, so it will be upgraded.

Enter a unique name for your new installation. Set the checkbox to „Keep installed components“.

When the installation has finished, the interface shows a message:

The QuickDesigner has been successfully upgraded to version 3.80

A list of components of the upgraded version is displayed.
The components of the upgrade are:

Automate Quick Devices
Automate the new Remote Control Screen
Capture Up Close/Up Time
Capture Miscellaneous Settings
Capture The Quick Device’s Registry Settings
Capture My Design Profile
Capture Multiple Profile’s
Capture Quick Driver’s
Capture WinPE
Capture My Device’s PPE Information
Capture Release Notes
Capture Security Patch Level
Capture Component Library Paths
Capture Second Profile’s
Capture Setup
Capture Video and Settings

What is the QuickDesigner version 3.70?. Version (and date): 3.70. What is it for: with a device driver. The device driver is included in the download of QuickDesigner Utility V 3.70.

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Aug 19, 2019
QuickDesigner is the software used by to add QuickPanels such as your touch screen, USB device, DVD, TV, and keyboard. It’s like Photoshop for your QuickPanels.
The software allows you to have remote control of your QuickPanels by using the built-in browser software, thus allowing you to control your Quick Panels without looking at the computer. It’ll even make


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