I have the next warable file:
r4446 revision: 65173646 changed files: 15368257
But i saw this error message:
Couldn’t change svn-bookmarks:…
svn-bookmarks (from revision 2453690 to revision 65173646):
Unable to refresh bookmark. Please see for possible fixes.
Anything wrong?


Ok i resolve my problem by create new workspace.
With this command :
svn switch -m“Commande pour reprendre la stock“

Here my workspace:
svn-bookmarks (from revision 2453690 to revision 65173646):

And here the new workspace.
svn-bookmarks (from revision 5499226 to revision 5857243):

Then I clean repository and finally i commit :
svn commit -m“Modifs“

And here a view of working copy

And here a review of working copy:
>svn status
A svn-bookmarks

A .

A svn-bookmarks (from revision 2453690 to revision 65173646)
A svn-bookmarks (from revision 5499226 to revision 5857243)

Thanks @AK for your support.

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